Trudy Burrus

Since I retired, I have learned so much from attending It’s Your Estate / It’s Your Money workshops that I tell everyone about them. Very empowering!

The nice thing about the workshop is they are given at multiple locations so that you can attend the two series simultaneously, and if you have to miss one session, you can make it up a different location. As a result, Jim and I attended sessions in Mission Viejo (of course), Laguna Hills/Woods, Irvine and Dana Point.

We have also repeated the same session in the next series (Spring) and/or from a different presenter. We have never failed to learn something new, and we always get whatever the most current law says (and the laws are always changing). Oh, and by the way, we really appreciate that the presenters are not allowed to sell to you. These are free, sponsored by non-profits, and not designed to line someone’s pockets with your money. Peter Kote is the facilitator/presenter at all of the sessions, plus he has other presenters who specialize in the various topics. Most folks will like his style.

Okay, you can tell I highly recommend the workshop series. Be sure to check out the list of charitable sponsors at the top of the schedule.

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