Fouad Hajji

Fouad is an IT manager as well as an actor.

He took his first steps into the world of show business by practicing break-dance at an early age. After reaching a respected level he went on to perform for acclaimed international artists and taught in many Belgian dance schools. During an internship in the US, Fouad developed a serious interest for acting. Upon his return he joined the Parallax School of Actors in Brussels while also being in college.

He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology followed by a Master’s degree in International Business. After finishing college, he combined acting work and a system engineer position at an IT firm. He later joined the Flanders Acting Studio where for the next 2 years he was extensively trained by American actor John Flanders.

Late 2010, Fouad was signed by a US talent agency in Los Angeles, after which he was cast in a multitude of projects all around the globe. With the help of his mentor Peter Kote, Fouad decided to permanently move to the United States. From there on, he and Pete developed a more than a decade long collaboration & friendship with Fouad lending his IT expertise to Pete’s organizations.

Alongside his IT position, Fouad continues to perform regularly on TV shows and films like NCIS, Criminal Minds, Madam Secretary and Magnum PI just to name a few. His new movie “Rebel” 2022, by the directors of “Bad Boys for Life” is currently in theaters and has been sold in over 50 countries.

Over the years Fouad developed many other talents. He self-produced and directed 6 short-films and also lent his voice to many studio projects including ‘Spiderman’, ‘John Wick 3’, ‘Call of Duty’, Murder Mystery’, The Vampire Diaries’, ‘MacGyver’ and many more.

In 2019 he won the Diwan Award for achievement in the field of arts & culture which took place in Brussels, Belgium. Lastly in 2023 he was shortlisted for best supporting actor for “Les Magritte du Cinema” award, also called the Belgian Oscars.


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