Lynn Barcklow

It was a pleasure to meet you today after the workshop you presented in Tucson.

In evaluating the It’s Your Estate workshops on behalf of American Bible Society, I asked a donor friend to attend both the It’s Your Estate and It’s Your Money workshops I had heard about in Reno, NV.  I have the responsibility of working with donors in AZ and NV as well as a few other states in the Southwest and West.  The truth of the matter is that I rarely travel to NV these days because of the cost effectiveness issues of these trips as far as the Bible Society is concerned.  However, I did meet the donor in question in person while in NV several years ago.

The donor who went to the Reno workshops spoke in glowing terms about how she was educated about many aspects of estate and financial planning without feeling the presenters were being self-promoting or trying to sell products.  The knowledge attained by the attendees was always in the forefront.  Also, she mentioned that she felt each presenter had integrity.  She has been so enthusiastic she’d like to attend again and she is encouraging a number of co-workers to do so, too.

This truly has been a win/win/win/win situation for all involved.  Our donor is happy with the experience.  I know she will be talking with at least one of the advisors who presented, if she hasn’t done so already.  I was able to use my time and the resources of our ministry wisely with an objective third party evaluating the workshops from the viewpoint of one of our donors.  Finally, I wouldn’t be surprised if American Bible Society ultimately benefits as well.

Thank you for being the founder of It’s Your Money/It’s Your Estate.

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