Week 8: Case Study and Review

Case Study and Review – Video Webinar – Fall 2021


Video Presentation By Peter Kote, Don Vivrette & Steven Bemis

In this final session we will review what we have learned and apply it to real life situations. It is my belief the legal documents are the easiest part of your estate plan and the most difficult part is our family or personal situation. What happens if I have no children? Or I have a spendthrift beneficiary? Or I have a Special Needs situation? Or I have multiple marriages and families? And the list goes on.

We do group CASE STUDIES from facts given by actual attendees of the workshop who completed the Personal Planning Survey. Using an anonymous name, the attendees submit the survey prior to week seven of the workshops. We discuss the financial and estate plan issues from these real life situations and give suggestions as to how they may be addressed.
What becomes clear is that most individuals have never thought about their goals and objectives or have an understanding of their net worth or know how they have title to all of their assets. The survey should be able to assist you. You may want to complete the questionnaire for yourself and discuss with your successor fiduciary, fee only financial advisor and estate planning attorney.

And remember your estate plan is not set in concrete. As the law changes, family circumstances change or as you get older you may want to amend or modify your estate plan. We recommend review every 2 to 5 years. It is easy to do. Not having the proper legal documents subjects you to possible conservatorship and family issues. A lot of money will exchange hands and whenever money is involved there can be problems.

A final note: Please write a letter (not to be opened until your death) to your children and friends you love and leave it with your estate documents. None of the legal documents use the word “love” and having a letter to read with your estate documents may alleviate many problems. If you want an obituary you may want to write your own as well. We only die once!

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