Week 2: Estate Planning Basics

** Due to technical difficulties the FALL 2021 video is currently not available.
We hope you can still enjoy our SPRING 2021 video below.

Estate Planning Basics – Video Webinar – Spring 2021


Video Presentation By Peter Kote, Trevor Murphy & Davinda Wijemanne

In this session we discuss the importance of knowing what you have and how it is titled. Title determines if an asset will go through probate. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Probate, types of wills and intestate succession. On an organizer or yellow pad we recommend you list all your assets including title, cost basis and market value. With this list you will be able to determine your taxable estate (total value of your estate less liabilities), your probate estate and your IRD (income in respect of the decedent estate such IRA, 401K, etc.)

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