Teresa Gorman

Teresa Gorman is an attorney certified as a Specialist in the area of Trusts & Estates by the State Bar of California and a licensed Real Estate Broker. Teresa opened her boutique law practice in 2000. The Law Offices of Teresa Gorman handled highly contested Trust & Estate matters with an emphasis on representation of the professional fiduciary client. Teresa was regularly appointed by the Courts to serve as court-appointed attorney and guardian ad litem to protect the rights of elder persons entangled in legal matters.

In 2018 Teresa joined the team at Fiduciary Real Estate Services (FRES) as a Senior Broker. In her role as at FRES, Teresa is part of a team representing Fiduciary clients in the sale of Estate real property assets. Teresa scrutinizes each sale to protect the Fiduciary in the sales process, ensuring not only the highest sales price is achieved but also that the Fiduciary seller has met the standard of care for their particular fiduciary role.

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