Diane Buchanan

I can’t tell you how much your workshops have meant to me and to my husband as well.  When I first started attending  (lo, those many years ago), I only knew that I needed to know a lot more about the world of personal finance and how to be able to manage our affairs should the need arise.  Gradually, I absorbed enough of the information you provide that I could identify our needs and at least be able to ask reasonable questions of financial professionals.  My husband always dealt with money issues professionally and had the background and the interest to handle our personal financial affairs as well.  Although I participated in investment decisions and understood the structure of our financial life, I depended on him to lead the way and explain what was going on.

Based on the knowledge from your workshops, we started our search for a financial advisor about 5 years ago, eventually agreeing on an individual and company that meets our needs.  Our objective was to establish a working relationship with a professional while we could discuss and agree together on the goals we were setting and the arrangements we wanted to make and have time to change our minds if we found ourselves heading down the wrong path.   The timing was good because bubbles were bursting everywhere, Bernie Madoff was in the news and the financial landscape was rapidly changing.  Even my capable husband realized it would be helpful to work with a professional (fee-only, of course) financial advisor.

Almost two years ago, my husband was diagnosed with very serious cancer, and our attention was diverted to his health care needs.  We now have the peace of mind to focus on our important personal issues, knowing that our financial decisions have been made, that we are working as a team with our financial advisors and that I now have enough money knowledge and confidence to understand what is going on and not be totally vulnerable to the “very nice people” about whom you have so effectively warned us throughout your workshops.  We cannot thank you enough for providing the workshops that made this possible for us.  We wish you great success in spreading your series far and wide so that many others can benefit as we have.

Very sincerely,

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