It’s Your Money Workshop Materials

It’s Your Money


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Week 1: Money Test & Tax Update

  1. VIDEO Webinar: Money Test and Tax Update
  2. Presentation handout – Income Taxes
  3. Presentation handout – Quiz Questions
  4. ASK FIRST Form – Peter Kote
  5. ASK FIRST Form – Mark Prendergast
  6. ASK FIRST Blank Form
  7. Article: Survey – 80% of older workers financially illiterate
  8. Article: Financial literacy – An epic fail in America


Week 2: Annuities & Mutual Funds

  1. VIDEO Webinar: Annuities & Mutual Funds
  2. Presentation handout – Annuities & Mutual Funds
  3. Presentation handout – Quiz Questions & Answers
  4. Article: Even Math Teachers Are at a Loss to Understand Annuities
  5. Article: FINRA Information & Broker – Check 
  6. Article: Giving Is Good For You
  7. Article: License Discussion
  8. Article: Annuity Internet Advertisement 


Week 3: Financial Planning I: Goals & Your Assets

  1. VIDEO Webinar: Financial Planning
  2. Presentation handout – Financial Planning I & II
  3. Presentation handout – About Laura Tarbox
  4. Presentation handout – Statement of Financial Position
  5. Presentation handout – William Sherman Winseman Foundation (WSW Foundation) – Information Sheet
  6. ASK FIRST Form – Laura Tarbox
  7. Article: Money myths you should forget you ever heard
  8. Article: Merrill’s army of newbies to resume cold-calling


Week 4: Financial Planning II: Investing Your Money

  1. VIDEO Webinar: Financial Planning II
  2. Presentation handout – Financial Planning  I & II
  3. Article: Are You Spending Too Little in Retirement
  4. Article: How Index Funds Won the Battle for Acceptance
  5. Article: This is when to cut off your adult kids financially
  6. Article: Crime sometimes pays


Week 5: Medical Care Planning: Caregiver & Insurance

  1. VIDEO Webinar: Medical Care Planning
  2. Presentation handout – Medical Care Planning
  3. Presentation handout – Medical Care Planning – REVISED COPY
  4. Presentation handout – CHOC Children’s Foundation – Information Brochure
  5. Form: Covid -19 Addendum – Advance Health Care Directive
  6. Article: Knowing How Doctors Die Can Change End of Life Discussions
  7. Article: The Differences Between Hospice and Palliative Care
  8. Article: What You Should Know Before You Need a Ventilator


Week 6: Equity Investing: A Better Approach

  1. VIDEO Webinar: Equity Investing
  2. Presentation handout: Equity Investing
  3. ASK FIRST Form – John Prichard
  4. ASK FIRST Form – Kurt Beimfohr
  5. Presentation handout – The Blue Bell Foundation For Cats – Estate Planning For Cats – How To Guide
  6. Article: Knightsbridge Wealth Management – Fall Quarterly Market Commentary
  7. Article: Dimensional Fund Advisors ETFs
  8. Article: Market Risk & Time


Week 7: Fixed Income Investing: How to Use Bonds

  1. VIDEO Webinar: Fixed Income Investing
  2. Presentation handout: Fixed Income Investing
  3. ASK FIRST Form – Julie Bray
  4. Article: Another red flag as veteran bond fund manager raises white flag
  5. Article: Cost of purchasing bonds


Week 8: It’s Your Money and Your Mind

  1. VIDEO Webinar: Your Money and Your Mind
  2. Presentation handout: Money and Your Mind
  3. ASK FIRST Form – Carl Lachman
  4. Presentation handout: Get To Know Chapman University
  5. Presentation handout: Eclectic Associates Who We Are
  6. Article: Aging Dilema
  7. Article: Champion the fiduciary standard
  8. Article: Decision-making Thinking About Thinking
  9. Article: Kahneman – Clients Driven by Losses, Not Gains
  10. Article: Keep It Simple, Says Yale’s Top Investor
  11. Article: Should You Tell Your Kids How Much Money You Make
  12. Article: The Ten Commandments of Money
  13. Article: Using heuristics to problem solve
  14. Article: What’s the greatest value an adviser offers?
  15. Article: When to Tell Clients to Spend Their Money Already 
  16. Article: Younger Americans Embrace Value of Unbiased Financial Advice
  17. Article: Your Clients Are Less Financially Literate Than You Think
  18. PBS TV Series: Hacking Your Mind