It’s Your Estate Workshop Materials

It’s Your Estate


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Week 1: Estate Test & Tax Update

  1. VIDEO Webinar: Estate Test and Tax Update
  2. Presentation handout – Tax Update
  3. Presentation handout – Quiz Questions
  4. ASK FIRST Form – Peter Kote
  5. ASK FIRST Form – Marty McNamara
  6. ASK FIRST Blank Form
  7. Article: Survey – 80% of older workers financially illiterate
  8. Article: Financial literacy – An epic fail in America
  9. Article: Dear Mom and Dad – Here’s Something That’s Easier to Read Than to Discuss
  10. Article: The Money Talk With Your Parents – Do It This Weekend
  11. Article: How To Start A Conversation About Estate Planning


Week 2: Estate Planning Basics

  1. VIDEO Webinar: Estate Planning Basics
  2. Presentation handout – Estate Planning Basics
  3. Presentation handout – Quiz Questions & Answers
  4. Article: Giving is good for you
  5. Article: How to Write a Last Will – 5 Tips You Should Know
  6. Article: Little Things Can Cause Big Fights When A Relative Dies
  7. Article: What to Do If You Become the Executor of Your Parent’s Will
  8. Article: Your Clients and Their Children – The Problems With Joint Bank Accounts
  9. Article: Five Ways Joint Ownership Can Sabotage Your Clients


Week 3: Planning for Incapacity

  1. VIDEO Webinar: Planning for Incapacity
  2. Presentation handout: The Ins and Outs of Fiduciary Relationships
  3. Presentation handout: Guide – Your Way
  4. Presentation handout: Guide – Your Way – COVID-19 Addedum
  5. Article: Help clients avoid disaster when naming financial surrogates
  6. Article: The Differences Between Hospice and Palliative Care
  7. Article: Doctors as End-Of-Life Patients
  8. Article: Finding Out Your Power of Attorney Is Powerless
  9. Article: Friendly Fire – When Family Can’t be Trusted
  10. Article: The patient is Code 3 critical. Her frail, 90-year-old body is failing. How much should I do to save her life


Week 4: Living Trusts

  1. VIDEO Webinar: Living Trusts
  2. Presentation handout: Living Trusts – Death and Taxes
  3. Article: When to Use Living Trusts for Estate Plans
  4. Article: Paying it Forward – Funding 529 Plans for Grandchildren
  5. Article: Planning for Beneficiaries With Mental Illness or Addiction
  6. Article: Spendtrhift Trusts
  7. Article: Trusts to Protect Children
  8. Article: How to Fund Your Living Trust
  9. Article: Four Facts of Living Trusts


Week 5: Charitable Giving

  1. VIDEO Webinar: Charitable Giving
  2. Presentation handout: Charitable Giving
  3. Presentation handout: Charitable Giving Questionnaire Form


Week 6: Retirement Account Planning

  1. VIDEO Webinar: Retirement Account Planning
  2. Presentation handout: Retirement Account Planning
  3. Presentation handout: Get To Know Chapman University 
  4. Article: Inheriting Retirement Benefits After the SECURE Act
  5. Article: Top 5 Beneficiary-Form Boo-Boos
  6. Article: IRA Allowed to Be Transferred Out of Trust


Week 7: Trustee and Executor Duties

  1. VIDEO Webinar: Trustee & Executor Duties
  2. Presentation handout:  Trustee & Executor Duties
  3. ASK FIRST Form – Trevor Murphy
  4. Presentation handout: Checklist – Things to do when a person dies
  5. Article: Border Wars – Helping Clients Set Financial (And Emotional) Boundaries To Avoid Enabling Dependent Family Members
  6. Article: Corporate Fiduciaries Are Shying Away From Special Needs Trusts
  7. Article: Help Clients Select Proper Fiduciaries


Week 8: Case Study and Review

  1. VIDEO Webinar: Case Study & Review
  2. Presentation handout: Case Study & Review
  3. ASK FIRST Form – Steve Bemis
  4. Article: Everybody Dies. It’s Time to Have the Talk
  5. Article: Facing Tough Financial Questions After Her Spouse Death
  6. Article: Gifts to Caregivers
  7. Article: How To Write Your Own Obituary
  8. Article: Losing an Inheritance Is Easy, Because Saying No Is Hard
  9. Article: Ten Reasons to Update Your Estate Plan
  10. Article: Top 6 Regrets of the Dying
  11. Article: Your Heirs Want This Even More Than Your Money